My name is Bethany. I’m from Arizona, but as of right now I’m living in Vancouver, Washington. I’m here with my lovely boyfriend, Mackey, and our two species-confused pets. Our dog acts like a cat and our cat acts like a dog, which is hilarious most of the time and only inconvenient when the 60 lb dog decides to sit on your lap.

I got into sewing nearly 3 years ago. I started with the intent of sewing for cosplay purposes but quickly fell in love with sewing clothes for everyday wear. I started to become interested in costuming in general as well and now I’m even interested in quilting and embroidery!  What started out as a very niche hobby has become a full fledged obsession that reaches into every crevice of the related craft community. I am finding inspiration in just about any decade of fashion, art, modern fashion collections, and even nature.

To help me keep track of my progress I started this blog. I do have aspirations now to work in the sewing world – mostly as someone who gets to bring beauty to life! I am always willing to collaborate with others so please feel free to email me at bethanybarrettcreations@gmail.com with any questions. You can also find me on Instagram at @costumesandfashionbybethany

Happy sewing!




14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Do you possibly have a pattern for a cape/cloak?
    I am waiting to find the fabric (when I find something I like enough I’ll get it) but for now I am trying to figure out how to do one of the hoods where it ‘hides’ your face and head. (this way it can just look as though it’s ghostly and ‘floating’)


    • The only time I made a cloak (I don’t have pictures) I actually just played around with it. Cloaks, essentially, are just giant pieces of fabric. You can do it circle style, and basically make a giant circle skirt, or use rectangles and gathering to fit what you’d like. I experimented with the hood to get the right shape and looked at lots of capes online for the shape and to get a better visual of how it laid. Also think about weights and using them in hems to help weigh it down if necessary.


  2. Hi Bethany 🙂 I love your blog and I’m really excited to follow it and watch your journey. Im just starting to learn about making clothes and costumes and now I’m think of writing a blog too. I wondered if you had any advice for making your first blog post? And also any good projects for beginners?

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    • Hello! As far as making your first post, there really aren’t any rules! Try just introducing yourself, maybe mention your experience, show off any projects if you’ve done some, or even talk about what you’re most interested in learning and future projects you’d like to tackle. Since you want to do some garment sewing I’d just say jump right in with a pattern! Professor Pincushion on YouTube has a couple video tutorials if you want to try that, she takes you through the whole pattern including laying it out and cutting the fabric. She has that for a couple patterns so you can make your choice from what she has if you’d like. Otherwise just start with whatever looks interesting to you. My own journey started that way, and I didn’t start wearing my own makes until about 6 or 7 projects in. So be prepared to not love what you turn out because as you try you’ll learn and feel better about your creations. Just have fun, ask questions, and don’t feel you have to start with boring simple patterns! Just do what looks fun to you and you’ll do great. I can’t wait to check out your blog, thank you so Mich for reading mine! 😄


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