Simplicity 2154 Take 1

This shirt is astounding. I am head over heels with this pattern! It fits well straight from the pattern (although I did do the petite alteration, easy peasy), is quite customizable, and a pretty quick sew compared to some shirt patterns I’ve tried. In fact, I think of the last 2 or 3 shirts I’ve tried making this is the only one I’ve finished!


Simplicity 2154 is a semi-fitted shirt with a side zipper, collar, button and loop at the back of the neck, and a huge bow at the front of the collar. I’ve seen versions of this shirt without the bow and it really gives it a more modern feel, so I’m thinking of making future versions with detachable bows so I can just decide what look I want for the day.


The zipper was a bit odd and I’m considering either making a change to an invisible zipper, or seeing if I can find a different zipper with a smaller pull. It just makes it a little bulky at the top and sure it’s on the side but still it’s more awkward than I like. The pattern tells you do sew the zipper with the fabric covering just one side and that is a good technique. You just press in part of the seam allowance on one side and compensate with more on the other side. It means a covered zipper in the end and the instructions were easy to follow. I also used a separating zipper for mine though the pattern calls for a regular one.


I also noticed only after taking these pictures just how bad the back is…so it looks like the next one will needs the back shortened for sure. Oh the joys of being petite! I’ll stick in this picture that shows how bad it is, and this way the next time I adjust it I’ll have a good before and after set for fixing fitting issues!


As for the fabric, it’s a chambray from Fabric Depot. It was my first time working with chambray and I’m addicted. I just bought 4 other chambray colors from Hawthorne Threads to use as separates, a purple, white, off white, and a brown. I plan on using them with patterns I just got from Deer&Doe, the Anemone skirt, Datura Blouse, and their new Melilot shirt. These are great staples that can be made in lots of colors and therefore create a great wardrobe!

Back to this shirt though, I do really love it. I want to make a few others in a print or two because this shirt is not only casual enough for jeans, it’s pretty enough for work with a cardigan. Made without the bow and it’s even more flexible! I’d highly recommend this pattern and I’m excited to try the skirt and cardigan as well.

That’s all for now, I do have a lot I’m planning and I just got Gertie’s new Ultimate Dress Book! I am already in love with some of the patterns and I’ll give a proper review soon for those that may have been on the fence like me. I can say though I am VERY happy I picked it up.

Gertie's Book.jpg

I’ll do that review soon, as well as another post with another shirt I hope!

Until next time,

—Bethany Out



5 thoughts on “Simplicity 2154 Take 1

  1. I really do LOVE that top, the collar, how it’s tailored to fit in the front, and especially the bow. Yes, make more in different prints! You can’t go wrong. ❤

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