The Fable Dress Version Two: Pretty in Purple

I told you all I had another Fable dress in the works and here it is!

This purple floral fabric has been in my stash for a while now because while I adore the fabric I had never known what to do with it. This pattern happened to be perfect for it, or the fabric was perfect for the fabric, whichever! It was a gift from a friend in Brazil who happens to own a fabric/craft shop. I had already made a dress previously with the red floral fabric he sent me and this floral was just begging to be made.


I’m putting it out there now, these pictures are not as good as usual. I don’t kn ow what is with my camera but something is off and the pictures have almost a fuzzy quality. An issue with zoom is probably the best bet but that’s not something I know how to fix! I tried it on several different settings, to no avail. Still, I hope you get the idea at least and maybe I’ll get some phone pictures up later.


Since this is my second one I decided to change things up a little bit. I made separates! I was going to make the full dress but after seeing the skirt and how perfectly it gathered I just couldn’t resist making it a separate to wear around more often. I’ll also admit that there was some pulling on the waistband in the back that just would not go away, and since I’m out of the fabric for it I just made separates to hide the issue. I’m guessing the waistband wasn’t cut on the grain correctly enough and so sewing it up pulled things funny and created the drag lines. That’s my most likely conclusion because the other dress didn’t have that issue. It could also be an interfacing issue. There’s still a hint of drag but it is considerably less without the skirt pulling at the bodice.



This skirt will be perfect for sunny days out and even to feel cute at home. The top is a crop top, though I could probably extend the bodice to cover more if I’d like in any future version. I really just cannot get enough of these gathers! The skirt is just so dreamy and gathered so nicely. I think part of it is because this time I lined the skirt. I had to get creative though because I’m not sure what I did but something happened and the back skirt piece just did not fit. At all. So instead of lining it as I usually would have, I had the back piece gathered at the top but the sides are not sewn down and the bottom is hemmed separately. The front is all one piece essentially which was quite fun to work with. It gave the fabric a certain weight and stiffness that I don’t usually see and I enjoyed it!


Another change I made was using a button at the waistband of the skirt. I still used a hook and eye at the center front for the other side of the pocket. Having the skirt still wrap around is quite nice. I think I prefer it this way and see myself using this pattern for the skirt alone to get some cute pieces made. Changing the skirt length for different fabrics can give dramatically different looks so I’m thinking that I’ll make longer skirts in nicer fabric for office looks and shorter fun prints for everyday wear.





Stay tuned for more/better pictures! I hope my camera acts better soon, the last dress was shot under similar conditions so the dimness shouldn’t be an issue. Any suggestions would be nice as well!

Has anyone else made this up yet? I’d love to see what you’ve done. Email me, message me on Instagram, or just comment here! Have a great week everyone.


Until Next Time,

—Bethany Out


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