Operation Beautify: Making Progress!

This is going to take forever! I have made quite good progress already but this is pretty intensive. It has already taken me several hours and I’m not even halfway through this flower, the smaller flower of the two in the piece.

For the purple flower, I’m using the long and short stitch. You can see where I start to get more comfortable with it as it blends together more and creates a smoother transition between colors. I used all 6 strands for this and have noticed that using more strands is really the only way to go for anything other than backstitch. It just makes everything fuller, neater, and easier to manage.



You can see towards the top where I started and how it looks less blended than towards the bottom. 

I also finally put some beads on one stem and one line of the large flower. They are put on very differently. The yellow beads are smaller so they are just all on one strand. The lines are also smaller and so are easier to manage. The green beads are larger and over longer lines so I used a stitch I found in my new book! It is called the Coral Stitch and it is a knot stitch. I really like that the knots make it easier to put one bead on at a time without doing anything odd like backtracking. It also looks like it’ll be a great stitch for filling or outlines. Something to add a bit of texture. Either way, I like it!


I really like this Coral Stitch! You can somewhat see the knots, and how the lengths between the beads aren’t so even. That’s ok, they’ll get more even as I practice.


I’ve only got the one line of yellow beads so far. I like them, I wonder if doing the beads before stitching will be harder, or if it’s easier. I’ll find out!

I also got these really great mini hoops! They will be a gift, I think, I just have to figure out which way to go with it. I got them from Dandelyne on Etsy. She’s in Australia so it took them a while to get to me but man it is worth it! She’s not only such a great shop owner who communicates and provides a high quality product, she’s incredibly inspirational. I follower her on Instagram as well, where she is always posting about other people’s work for inspiration. She is such a positive person. Check her out if you are looking into some mini hoops, she has several options and you can make necklaces or brooches with them. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Mini Hoop.jpg

I can’t wait to get more and make such cute gifts!

That’s all I’ve got this week! I’m still finishing up my Fable Dress version 2 and aside from work, have just been trying to get enough sleep.

What are your favorite embroidery stitches?


Oh! And one last thing – my posts don’t contain affiliate links. If you notice me linking to other people’s sites and products, it is just me sharing what I personally love. I don’t make money if you click the link and buy anything, I don’t even really know how that works. I just wanted to make that clear, everything I share is shared only to show my appreciation of a product/shop/person/whatever. Thanks!


Until next time,

—Bethany Out



4 thoughts on “Operation Beautify: Making Progress!

  1. Hey, Bethany, I didn’t know you were into beaded embroidery. I also take closeups of costumes that never are shown on Instagram (only 1% of photos are shown). I’ll keep that in mind and send you closeups privately, if you want.


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