Fabric Haul, Future Plans!

Since I can’t share any pictures with you on The Fable progress, I might as well share some ideas I have for projects to work on when I’m done!

I keep buying more fabric even though I haven’t been working on anything but I’m happy to say I’ve been working harder on making sure I buy only what I know for a fact I will wear and enjoy. We know how things go: we see a beautiful fabric, take it home, and never use it because it turns out it isn’t actually our style and it sits there while you feel guilty for every buying it. I used to do this constantly. I have an entire stash of fabric I home that I haven’t even missed (aside from the faux fur) that indicates my buying habits need to be altered. I have been so good lately about buying more solids for separates and what prints I do buy are a healthy mix of professional and novelty that express my more fun side without making me feel too odd about wearing them.

I also am buying patterns to replace patterns that I like but don’t love enough to make them. Some patterns do just need the right fabric for inspiration so I haven’t gotten rid of them completely but I recognize that I didn’t pick them realistically.

Here’s the new fabrics and the patterns I bought recently as well as ideas for what to do with them.


Top left: cotton novelty fabric with sewing notions (I also have the matching reusable bag) Top middle: sheer brown poly with a fun lion print down one side      Left middle: cotton with oranges and pinks that look like brushstrokes, also the rose rayon from Gertie’s fabric line    Middle right: sheer poly with red flower motif that feels like velvet   Bottom: solid green poly blend   Bottom right: blue/green plaid wool blend  Right: black faux fur


I may have a lot of new patterns…


The only “modern” patterns I bought. I love the knit pencil skirt of the left pattern and that is a nice jacket pattern as well. I have a similar pattern for wovens so this is a good counterpart. The middle dress might actually become my bridesmaid dress since the other one doesn’t go to a small enough size. The right pattern is just one I’ve been eyeing for a while and I’m excited to try something new.


Some 40’s patterns. I need to start getting separates and this shirt has buttons, my new favorite closure method (die, zippers!). I also love the skirt yoke on the dress, the only reason I got it.


50’s patterns of course. I love the bodice darts and gathering on the dresses, and the long peplum is just too darn adorable.


60’s! This dress is stunning and I am so excited for this cape. The pockets seem really convenient and doesn’t take up too much fabric compared to some cape patterns.


This seems a bit of a stretch for ‘retro’ but I want to actually make both of these garments and try to style the skirt in a more modern fashion. I haven’t figured out how I’ll do it but I will!


I also got some costume patterns! I decided that the only ‘resolution’ I have for this year is to make a costume of some kind. I don’t know if it will be fantasy or historically based but either way I will be prepared! I picked these patterns for their pieces and therefore versatility. Some of the pieces I’m incredibly excited for, like the collar ruff. Having a pattern for this will make my job that much easier.  


For the wool and faux fur I want to make a coat! I got this pattern for the great collar that is also a hood and it seems like if I finish off the inside seams nicely enough I can leave off with the lining! I haven’t decided on that detail though so we’ll see.


I didn’t think about this rayon for this dress at first but it really yells at me to do it. It isn’t silk rayon but being rayon should work well enough I think. I’ll do view A for the cute bow!


This green fabric will be a basic circle skirt with princess seam bodice. I thought this green would be great for under the black lace, so it will be the basic layering dress that can stand on its own.


Since this pattern uses buttons, I’m going to use this cotton. I know a lot of people dislike quilting cottons for garments but after washing they are quite nice and aren’t too stiff. I think it will be perfect!


This seems like an odd combination but…this novelty print seems like it would make the perfect view C! I’ll make a contrasting belt instead of the novelty fabric but still, how cute!

So that’s it! The new fabrics, some ideas for the future, lots of fun stuff! I don’t know what I’ll do with all of my new fabric and patterns but that’s ok. I think that’s normal for us sewists, don’t you?

I’m quite excited to finally get to share the Fable patterns with you. I’ve finished two; one for the hell of it (and my first true run through with real fabric) and the second for the walk through blog post I’m writing to go with it. It is a great garment and I’ll be making more after this definitely. I do want to get my coat finished, and insert the zippers on my two pink based dresses before starting on more but I can honestly say I love this pattern. I think you all will too and I am just so excited to share it with you. So stay tuned! Vesta Patterns will be adding the Fable within the next couple of weeks and you’ll be in love at first sight!

Until next time,

—Bethany out



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