So Much NOT Done This Week

So this week was very much a dud as the title implies. I didn’t get to sew anything and my plaid dress still sits unzippered and unfinished. It’s so close too it’s supremely annoying to not be able to wear it. Not that I have anywhere but the house to wear it to anyway.

I haven’t been sewing mostly because of work but also because I’ve been doing a craft swap project. I am currently in two of them and one of them has been a little tough. My partner got dropped for lack of participation (it’s a good thing she got dropped!) so I got a new partner…and so started all over. There is a shipping deadline of February 7th that is fast approaching and I need to get this finished. It’s a cute project and I think they’ll love it but it’s more time consuming than some other ideas I had so of course I’m now in a crunch. I’m doing a little bit every day and even then it looks like I’ll send out part one on time and follow up with parts two and three after. It’s technically a surprise so I don’t want to spoil it in case my partner manages to see this (highly doubtful).

This craft swap thing has been an interesting idea but I’m not sure I’m sold. I am also in an apron swap and honestly I’m not excited about it. While I’m glad to be making for someone, I keep seeing all of these…issues pop up with others related to swaps like these. People complain about their partners, what they’ve received, things like that. So I’m trying to stay positive but after these two swaps I may not do them anymore. I also hate working on a deadline, no matter how much time I have it seems! At least, not if I’m not getting paid, wink wink.

Speaking of deadlines and getting paid…my days off this week are being spent finishing up the Fable pattern! I’m sewing it up all day today and tomorrow and it will hopefully be launching early February.


So I’m sorry for the lack of fun pictures and progress, but next week (or the week after) will have The Fable pattern and I’ll hopefully have my plaid dress done! I also have some new fabric and patterns so I’ll post those soon too.


Until then,

—Bethany Out


3 thoughts on “So Much NOT Done This Week

  1. Just classify it as one of those crazy busy weeks. No one can uber productive all the time 🙂 Can’t wait to see the plaid dress though and The Fable–how exciting!

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  2. You’ll get your dress finished and it will be worth the wait.
    You poor thing I had a change of swap partner at the last minute last year and it was annoying having to come up with a new item for them. I’ve cut back on my swaps this year as I also found they were taking me away from the other sewing I wanted to do. You could always take part in the selfish swaps cause your guaranteed you’ll get an awesome partner and she will love what you make her 🙂


    • I’ve never heard of a selfish swap, what’s that? I take it just a bit pickier than a random partner? I am really excited about this dress, it fits really well and will be fun to wear.
      I’m sorry to hear about your previous partner issues, it does make it less fun and makes people hesitant to want to try.


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