Fabric Haul

Hello everyone!

I mentioned before I’d post some great fabrics that I got thanks to my Christmas money! I got a Fabric Depot gift card, Mood Fabrics gift card, and a Joann Fabrics gift card. I’ve already spent the Fabric Depot and Mood cards and half of the Joann card.

Some of the fabrics I bought with a project in mind, some were just for fun or because there was such a good deal. To start, here are the fabrics from Fabric Depot as well as some pictures of the place itself! I had never been and that was a travesty. It’s such a large store and almost like a warehouse for sewing supplies. I do have to admit though, I saw some prices I wasn’t happy with. To be fair though this store is in Portland, Oregon which means no sales tax. It may even out that way for some supplies but not others. For example, zippers were about 25 cents more than I see at Joann Fabrics but embroidery floss was nearly 2 dollars more a skein. That’s unreal since I can get them for less than .50 cents at Joann Fabrics.

Anyway, onto the fun fabrics and store pictures!

Let’s start with the store, shall we?


So many cute and interesting zippers!



So much faux fur in plenty of colors.


The remnants were very well organized…I almost bought this one but the line was hours long I swear.


Way more color options than Joann or Hancock’s.


Some really cute embroidery patterns for Christmas.


Cute little slippers, not sure why they sell them but quite adorable.


To get patterns here you have to write down what you want and tell the person working the stand. Interesting!


The samples here are typically indie patterns and are way better made than at regular stores.



I found this fabric in colors I hadn’t ever seen before online, which is quite interesting. They have a lot of collections that larger chains won’t touch.






There are loads of great quilts hanging up, the other side was a dalek!




There were several racks of 1800’s inspired fabrics, great for historical costuming!


The one on the far right is my favorite, but I like that orange too.

Now for the fabrics I actually bought…


An adorable cat fabric, double gauze, just enough for view C of this shirt.


From left to right: Skull Dot from the Spellbound collection, a chambray with thistles and fauna on it, and finally a Kauffman cotton covered in large green flowers. I love them all! I have enough of each to hopefully have 3 new dresses. We shall see!


A close up of the skull dot, I love how subtle they are!


The last of my haul, a cute chambray that I’m not quite sure what to do with. I could make the blouse of this vintage pattern, or just a simple peplum top like on the far left. Thoughts?

That’s all for today, tell me about some amazing fabric stores in your area! I would highly recommend the depot, they have the best selection and while the prices are a bit higher I think it is really worth it. They were all very nice too.


Well, until next time!


—Bethany Out




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