Exciting New Things!

Hello everyone!


Now that the holidays are over and settled down…I’m still making Christmas cards! I know, they are terribly late but I figure I’m just extending the season of happiness. I’ll post once they’re finished of them all but the pictures won’t be mine because up until now I’ve kept forgetting to take pictures of them before sealing them away. Typical! Still, they have been turning out great and I’m happy with them. I hope the recipients are as well.

As for the new and exciting news…I’ve started working with the most amazingly talented Whitney of Vesta Patternsย [Instagram HERE]. Mostly I’ll be pattern testing her newest design, called The Fable, and helping her get her patterns distributed. I’ll be making up the pattern, along with a detailed walk through, which will be launching in early February-ish.

You may have seen Whitney’s first pattern, The Grail, a simple t-shirt with different necklines and sleeves options. What’s so nice about her patterns is that she is has the measurements based on real bodies. That means your measurements are based on your hip/bust/waist ratio, so you can worry less about fitting into a 14 for bust, but 12 for hips or some such nonsense.

She explains the shape groups on her website but just to give a short recap here:

The ‘A’ shape is for a smaller bust, larger hips, and a serious waist curve.

grail A.png

The ‘S’ shape is more of what we know of as the hourglass – full bust and hips with a more defined waist. I’ve put myself here because my irregular measurements fit best with a small.

grail S.png

The ‘E’ shape is for people with no huge difference between their bust, waist, and hip measurements. It’s definitely the most common shape, a general catch all if you will.

grail E.png

What’s great about these patterns is Whitney’s serious effort to step away from sizing ideals and dilemmas that are common for us sewists today. It seems that with the big 4, and even other indie designers (no one in particular, I haven’t had any issues with indie patterns as of yet), that sizing is stagnant and there is always some huge adjustment to make to the pattern. Mostly bust adjustments or issues with shoulders. Whitney is working hard to change that and to make patterns more fun and easier to size. She’s also staunchly against body policing or negativity. It has been very clear to me she wants people to feel more comfortable with themselves and not feel obligated to be a certain shape or that any one shape is worth striving for. In fact, she doesn’t like calling people by shape names like ‘apple,’ ‘pear,’ ‘hourglass,’ and so on. That’s why the shapes have simple letters. It’s to help remove the stigma and baggage associated with shape names today.

Side note, I also adore the names. The Grail, the Fable…wholey moley these names are fantastic, right?

I’ll be honest here though…I haven’t actually sewn up The Grail yet! I just ordered a printer yesterday to print out the PDF and get going. Since my measurements are a bit on the edge, I may even sew up two or three between them all just to see what the differences come to and give people perhaps a better idea of where they can go. It won’t need a tutorial, it’s a simple knit t-shirt for crying out loud, but it’s nice to see how sizing changes between shapes.

I’m so incredibly excited to work with Whitney and get her new pattern up and going. She’s very passionate about sewing and pattern making and is working hard to give the sewing community something new, especially for those of us that don’t like some trends like shift dressesย or beginner based patterns. Her patterns are more for intermediate sewers that know the basics of construction and sewing, with the instructions being only one page. The Fable isn’t her final pattern either, this is only the beginning of something spectacular.

So while I won’t be giving away any spoilers about the new pattern, I do want to assure you all of Whitney’s enthusiasm and my dedication to being honest about The Grail and The Fable and how they sew up/fit in relation to what they promise. I know once someone is paid for things like this you have to take what they say with a grain of salt but not with me! Whitney doesn’t want me to hold back just as much as I don’t want to. She’s equally dedicated to providing new patterns that fit well and are fun and interesting to add to your wardrobe.


Fine…just one spoiler…here are the fabrics and buttons I’ll be using!

In other exciting news…or at least news in general…I’m taking this next semester off of school, and I quit my teaching job. Teaching English is great is some aspects but I am so worn down by it and it really stresses me out. Something that I feel no one really talks about is how poorly humans treat each other in any sort of service industry. These were other adults I was teaching and the majority of them were very rude and made the experience incredibly negative. So after 2+ years, I’m done. I quit, I’m moving on, and I’m so relieved. I’m also taking a break from school because it’s just as stressful and doesn’t mix well with me working more than 40 hours a week. I have had all of one full day completely off once in over 2 months, and that was just yesterday on Christmas. Yowza! So school can take a break and while I have less work to do I am going to really work on improving my sewing.

Here’s a breakdown of what January – approx June will bring me:

Testing The Fable and sewing my own Grail shirts.

Learning how wholesale works and actually make sales…

Sew up my first fitting of the dress I’ll be wearing for my best friend’s wedding and the first fitting for the other bridesmaid.

Sew my first petticoat, then another based on how well it works for the two bridesmaid’s dresses.

Sew up a couple of shirts using chambray and double gauze for the first time. (just wait till you see the fabrics I got!)

Sew with lace for the first time as well for some (hopefully) 20’s inspired 50’s dresses. I’ll explain more later.

I’ll be posting what fabrics I got with my fabric money from Christmas soon. I got the lace, chambray, and double gauze mentioned above as well as a few others. I’ll wait for that post though until I actually have the fabrics so you can see how amazing they are for realsies and not through website photos.

Stayed tuned for The Fable and Grail posts and thanks again for tuning in! Don’t forget to check out Whitney’s website, sign up for the email updates on The Fable and other new patterns, and check out her Instagram while you’re at it.

Have any fun projects coming up? Let me know in the comments!


Also, how do you like the new layout? Let me know, I’m on the fence…


Until next time,

— Bethany Out


14 thoughts on “Exciting New Things!

  1. WOW!!! Congratulations!!! What you’re doing sounds so brilliant, I’m always excited about new pattern companies so I can’t wait to see how Whitney’s one develops. January sounds super exciting, all the best with it.
    I like the new layout, I love the snow coming down. I would only say the grey background is a bit too dark and a lighter grey might look better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what a schedule, Bethany! Congrats on being the [future] YouTube demo star! The illustrated packaging for the new patterns are so nice. You should be getting more fabric from these companies for free. My husband used to be an ESL teacher. He liked the immigrants, but the schools were mercenary and some of the teachers were cool freelancers and then some were just sad. Rest now that school and that job are behind you. And enjoy your life! Maybe you can take online courses and apply them to your degree since I know you stay up late at night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, teaching English can be a bit rough. I actually had a lot of problem students but honestly I think it’s because most of them were in their 40’s or older and I sound like I’m 12. It’s hard for some people to take any sort of direction from someone nearly half their age (I’m 24) or take criticism. So while I understood where they were coming from…I still wasn’t too pleased.

      And thank you! I want to try doing a YouTube video but I don’t really have decent equipment. I guess I’ll have to try anyway and see what happens. I’d love free (!) fabric but for now I think I’ll be ok. Vesta Patterns is helping me out with materials as well, which is really stupendous of her, so that’s a step in the right direction I think. ;D

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  3. Wow, Bethany, you have your work cut out, but how exiting! I am really looking forward to Whitney’s patterns, they concept sounds really appealing. Good luck with it all and keep us posted!!


    • Thank you Alex! I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out. If I do well enough, hopefully the patterns will start spreading and we’ll get them in shops all over…keep your eyes peeled, London is far but perhaps we could put it on our radar! ๐Ÿ˜€


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