Washington! I’m Here!

Hello and happy Friday!

So last week I was in the middle of moving and didn’t have much to post about. Especially not anything crafted related! Good news is, we are in our new place and it’s wonderful. I still need to get a sewing desk but that will hopefully happen in the next couple of weeks. I plan on getting just a simple table from Ikea with adjustable height legs so I can raise and lower it as needed. I’m going to get a stool too instead of a regular chair to help with posture. Yay ergonomics!


The table will look similar to this. Really basic but…isn’t that enough? The legs are adjustable, there’s enough room for my machine and some left over, and that’s all I need. I can get separate drawers for storage.


I really like this Ikea stool. I’ve been to the store to try it out so I know I like it. The stool is height adjustable as well, which will make things a lot easier on me since I’m so short. I’ll be able to firmly plant my feet! That’s a bigger issue than you’d think.

I also have some other fun news to share…I got a new job at Hancock Fabrics! I’ll be working at a store just a couple miles from my new apartment and I will hopefully get my schedule today to start soon. I am incredibly excited to actually work at a fabric store! I would also like to apply for some of the smaller independent stores but for now I think working at Hancock’s will be great. I’ll have to remember that I can’t buy all of the fabric in the world and make sure I really stay away from the pattern section! I can’t spend my paycheck on just fabric and notions, though how fun would that be?


This is the section where I will most likely have my sewing table. There’s a fireplace! That will certainly come in handy.


This is my new view. I am just a tad bit head over heels in love with it. Trees! Leaves! It’s a dream come true.

I haven’t really gotten to look around Portland/Vancouver yet but I plan on it soon. This first week was really all about getting things we needed like furniture, and applying to jobs to get started working asap. Now that that is over I’m hoping to get to explore more. I unpacked my camera so I do plan on taking a lot of pictures the next few days and that will likely be my next post. Just yesterday I was able to do more embroidery, so I will post pictures of my progress as well.

So I’ll be doing my best to get back into my regular routine soon but in the meantime be prepared for lots of pictures of trees and grey skies. Thank you so much everyone for sticking with me and being so awesome with support, especially my Instagram friends. You’re all the sweetest bunch of crafters I know!


The kitchen is quite large and isn’t cut off from the living room, which I love.


Such large windows! I love that we can get a lot of natural light in here. At least, we can when it’s available.

Until next time,

—Bethany Out


6 thoughts on “Washington! I’m Here!

  1. Glad you’re getting settled and yay for a new job! I highly recommend getting the adjustable leg table from Ikea – I got a very similar one and raised it as high as it would go and it’s saved me so much back pain!x

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