Reconciling My Sense of Style: What I Want vs What I Actually Wear


I was hoping to have my tweed skirt done by today but it looks like that isn’t going to really happen. Instead I’ll talk about having to deal with the fact that what I enjoy wearing and what I actually wear are usually very different styles. I’ll start with what I’d like to wear every day, if I could:

A basic break down: fitted tops, circle skirts that hit just above the knee, pencil skirts, blouses with bell sleeves, pinafores, cute heels or flats, a silhouette that frames an hourglass figure, basically a blend between 50’s and ‘romantic’ fashion that is decidedly feminine. I like printed fabrics, especially novelty and florals in most colors except for very bright hues, neons, metallics, and pastels. I’d really like to stop wearing jeans so often, or shorts, mostly because wearing a dress or skirt is easier in my experience. I also like the fact that dresses make me look nicer, even if it’s a simple beach dress.

Some inspiration pictures/patterns of what I would like to wear and fabrics I like (thank you ModCloth!):


Layered Cupcakes from ModCloth


Book Tour Belle from ModCloth


New Look 6187, love the long puffy sleeves.


New Look 6303, the long sleeves and cute keyhole neckline are what I like.


New Look 6208, I like cute back details like these, fun cut outs that don’t reveal anything crazy.


New Look 6184, pleated necklines are details I love with a passion.

kitty floral

I love this fabric from Fabric Depot. I am so excited I can go to the physical store, holy cow I’m excited.

This adorable puppy print from Joann Fabrics is cute, but not obnoxious.

This adorable puppy print from Joann Fabrics is cute, but not obnoxious.

I really wish I could dress in fabrics like this every day. Wear dresses every day, or cute skirts and blouses, be pretty. Instead what I actually wear are sports bras, workout shorts/pants, or jeans and a screen printed t-shirt. This is because I work from home for half of the day, and every day, I take my dog for a walk. A long walk, and if the weather is nice, I take him for a jog.  The other half of my work day is in an office but I have to walk there and it’s just over a mile away. So I’m constantly sweaty, gross, and sometimes shower twice a day just so I don’t accidentally drive my boyfriend away by smelling bad! I’m sure you guys have noticed that many of my w.i.p pictures feature workout clothes/tennis shoes.

What I’m hoping for is that in the near future, when I move to Portland, I’ll have a job in an office that’s close enough that I can take the amazing public transport they have there. In my current city, it’s so terrible it’d take me two hours to make the one mile I can walk in 15 minutes. There’s definitely a reason why I walk instead. Once I can wear nice things around I will, but thanks to the heat here and having to always be moving around (or cooped up at home) I’ll have to stick with being grubby for now. It’s definitely not what I’d like but considering I have no reason to wear nice things when I’m getting gross 24/7 I’m trying to remember that soon (SOON!) I’ll be living elsewhere, working elsewhere, and that I may have the dream wardrobe I’ve always wanted. I’m also taking this time to create this dream wardrobe from scratch, so there’s that as well.

How do all of you handle not dressing in the style you’d really like to? Is work a factor for you? Is there still a way you incorporate your dream style into your every day style if you can’t go all out? Please share in the comments or hit me up on my Instagram @costumesandfashionbybethany. I’d love to hear from you all!

Until next time!

—Bethany Out


9 thoughts on “Reconciling My Sense of Style: What I Want vs What I Actually Wear

  1. Hi, just stopped by to say that I really enjoyed going through your post; very cool and interesting (and stylish too!!) Keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    p.s. this topic is such a real life issue, you can’t always wear what you want! Great report


    • Hey Mimi! Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you liked my stuff! Yeah, not always getting to dress up like you’d like is a common issue I feel we don’t really talk about simply because we don’t really think about it. It’s interesting to know what people would like to wear if they could and didn’t have any restrictions.


  2. Wow, I really love those florals. I would love that Liberty of London roses in the style of that Layered Cupcake dress–va-va-voom! You have a good eye for color and print!


  3. Great post. I think for me, comfort tends to win out between busy work commitments and a young family. I wear jeans far too often and even for work, tend to end up in trousers rather than the dresses I’d like to wear.
    I’ve been trying to improve things by making smart casual tops that will go with either jeans or work trousers but are a step above the bog standard, boring, RTW stuff I’ve previously worn. It lets me add in some of those interesting fabrics without sacrificing on the ease and comfort my tired out mummy self needs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a great compromise! It’s true, comfort is just so important and sometimes that means jeans and a basic RTW tee. I forget how comfy dresses CAN be but that depends on the cut/fit, which doesn’t always translate to comfort. That’s great you get to add in some fun fabrics. What style of fabrics do you like?


  4. I love that you have a sense of style even if you don’t necessarily dress in that style all the time. I’m shop standard boring in what I wear. The more I’m learning to sew clothing the more I want to start to form a sense of style. Fantasy me would love to wear the types of dresses and blouses that you mentioned but reality me knows that I hate fitted clothing or I’m too lazy to get dressed up due to my work situation.


    • Yeah work is such a hassle! It really curbs what I wear and makes looking pretty too much work.

      So how do you feel good about what you wear? Do you have shoes you love, or socks, or wear makeup, etc? If I want to feel nice but can’t wear nice clothes I wear pretty underwear! haha it’s not something anyone sees but it still makes me feel good. 🙂


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