Moving…to Portland!

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone!

Since I haven’t been able to sew much this week due to school and work, I’d like to talk about something exciting: I’m moving to Portland! We aren’t doing it for any other reason than we want to. Oregon seems like such a beautiful and green place and I’d like to learn how to live somewhere with seasons. It’s harder than you give it credit for!

To keep this sewing related I figured I’d talk about some stores, craft fairs, sewing classes, and other similar things that I’m looking forward to doing when I get there. For one, Fabric Depot is there! I did a fabric swap on Reddit earlier this year and my recipient wanted a gift card from here. I had never heard of them before and man do they have a great selection. Customer service is also amazing, as I had issues with getting the gift card. They helped me out so quickly and made sure my card was only charged once. What lovely people. Some of the fabrics I’d like to check out in person are:

I mean, how amazing is that kitty cat kimono floral? I may have to buy it anyway because it is EVERYTHING I want in a fabric right now. Don’t care what season it is, I want it.

portland sewing

I also want to check out the Portland Fashion Institute. They have some great classes and I would really love to be able to learn from pros. There are even leather working classes that I might take for costuming! It just seems like a great place and I’d like to get to know them.


Modern Domestic is another great store. They are a Bernina authorized dealer and repair shop and offer classes as well. They even sell fabric! I own a Juki so I can’t use them for repair but I’d still like to check out their classes maybe and get some cute fabric. They also offer private studio space for renting which is something to consider if I get into making dresses that are too big for my apartment!

Handmade NW has lots of events and they seem like a great community.

Handmade NW has lots of events and they seem like a great community.

Crafty Wonderland does their own events.

Crafty Wonderland does their own events.

Crafty Wonderland and Handmade NW are both craft communities that host various events. They’ll be great places to meet other crafters and maybe new friends! I’m really excited to at least stay up to date on the blogs and events and see what’s going on.

There seems to be a lot going on in Portland so I’m excited to get a chance to be a part of a community that shares similar interests. Is anyone here from Portland? Any advice on making new sewing friends? I’m a bit rusty in that sense. Β Let’s chat fun fabric stores in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Moving…to Portland!

  1. Portland! I have a friend who lives there (and loves it!), but I’m afraid he doesn’t sew. It looks like you’ve been doing your research…you’ll soon have plenty of places to go and people to see. Good luck with your big move!

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