Sources of Inspiration Part 1

For this post I wanted to talk about inspiration and being inspired and this is such a huge topic that I’m splitting it up into several posts. There are many different places to draw inspiration from in the crafting world, from couture designers to other cultures to different time periods just to name a few of the many popular sources of craftspo (crafting inspiration!). I happen to feel inspired by just about anything I find beautiful and while I have preferences that really only extends to what I would wear myself in public on a daily basis. I don’t get out much anyway so even then I can stretch things a little. This post focuses on the House of Worth, Kimonos, and Capes!

House of Worth

This is probably the most drool worthy House in my book. Everything I’ve seen from this House is superb and divine. As of now they only sell perfumes but when the House was opened in France by Charles Frederick Worth in 1858 they created lovely pieces of fashion for many lucky ladies. Looking at the dresses made by Charles (he’s my favorite from this House) always make me feel as if I want to start stitching up corsets so I have a reason to create beautiful gowns like his. The details are always stunning and sometimes make my head hurt with how intricate they are. Here are a few of my favorite looks to show you just how awe-inspiring this House is, as not all of these looks are by Charles himself, and if you want to see more you can visit the Met Museum website!

67.110.120_threequarter_front 0002

Picture 010

83.98.3a-b_front 0004

Worth, Charles

House of Worth, by Charles Worth, Silk and Cotton, 1890-1900

Worth, Slater

House of Worth, by J & J Slater, Silk, Rhinestones, Simulated Pearls, Metal, Wood, 1898-1900


Another huge influence for me is Kimonos. I love the fabric and colors and I’ve never seen a kimono that didn’t exude class and true beauty. Colors are important to me as well as printed fabric. I’m not a fan of more drab or dull clothing and kimonos are far from being either of those things, though there are many kinomos with more subdued and simple patterns that are just as lovely. I’ve always also been impressed by the women wearing them. The process to put a kimono on is lengthy and to me almost seems like a ritual in and of itself. The history of the garment as a fashion symbol is also fascinating, and interesting to know how the yukata eventually usurped the kimono for daily wear. I really want to get a few books to learn more about kimonos, how they are worn, and their symbolism in Asian culture. While the Japanese seem to be most known for kimono wear, the style originally began in China and became popular in Japan after being introduced to Chinese style and culture. Here are some kimonos I find especially beautiful, though these are all modern kimonos that show how striking the fabric can be. All of my pictures were found on Pinterest and so have varying sources so I’ll do my best to put the original creator if possible.


Kimono by Itchiku Kubota, Ohn (Fuji and Burning Clouds), 1994

Kimono 4

Kimono from the Edo Period, late 18th to early 19th century, Dyed Satin Damask, Silk, and Gold Thread, from the Met Museum Website:


I feel capes are fully overlooked and should really make a comeback. There’s something so romantic about them, so mysterious. They are elegant and just as useful as regular coats. A lot of the capes I like are older but there are some modern capes that are stunning. This is an accessory though that I actually like to be a bit more plain simply because they are an accessory. I prefer the main piece of clothing to be the main statement, and then have your accessories merely compliment the main piece. Of course, I like color blocking a lot, so I use shoes in a bright color to brighten up a more drab outfit. I don’t really wear jewelry though or use purses, so actual clothing is really all I have to work with anyway. Here are some capes I find especially appealing.

Cape 1

By Madame Gres, 1950’s (Madame Gres is another favorite designer)

Cape 2

By Vionnet, French, 1933

Cape 4

Worn by Fan Bing Bing to the Met Gala: China Through the Looking Glass

So these are just a few things that inspire me and that I adore, please share your own inspirations! I’ll do the second part of this series when I feel like it, next week should feature more progress of my Party Loch dress as well as some other skirts and things I’ve started working on. Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,

—Bethany Out


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