A New Dream, a New Machine

For a couple of years, maybe even less, I was sewing with a Singer Simple.  It was a good machine, and treated me well.  I think it would have lasted longer if I had taken care of it, but I didn’t realize that sewing machines needed maintenance though it isn’t such a strange concept. It recently died though and unfortunately it just isn’t worth repairing it.  I’ve outgrown it and decided to get a new machine.

I was going to get another simpler and inexpensive machine but after some serious reflection I’ve decided on something I can grow with.  This is mostly because I’ve decided to go to school for theatrical costuming.  This decision isn’t easy for me, because it means I’ll be starting over with school after already doing 3 years towards an English degree.  I’ve decided to postpone my English degree for a few reasons.  One, I’m completely dissatisfied with it.  I no longer enjoy school like I used to.  That probably has something to do with the fact that I take classes online and the selection is so slim it’s pathetic. I understand that it’s a newer program but I refuse to pay over 500 dollars per credit hour on classes like travel blogging.  That’s ludicrous and I absolutely refuse to pay so much money to “learn” about travel writing.

Fashion school however, would give me a lot of hands on work I can get excited about and feel I’m actually doing something and learning.  So far I’ve chosen FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, as the school I want to attend.  I won’t be able to start until Fall of 2016 at the earliest so I have time to create a solid portfolio and prepare myself for what’s in store.  Of course, this is assuming I get accepted but I can only hope for the best.

This is the campus I have my eyes on, in Orange County.

This is the campus I have my eyes on, in Orange County.

The sewing machine I’ve chosen I think reflects what I’m looking to do in the future.  It can sew through lots of denim and layers, which is needed for costuming, and has a great motor in it to last me through the long hours I’ll be working.  It’s also made by Juki, which is a great brand that produces great machines.  I’ve chosen the Juki Excite G210.

So pretty, and incredibly heavy!

So pretty, and incredibly heavy!

Like I said, it’s got some great features and is programmable, which is exciting.  I’m used to a mechanical machine so I’m glad that I get two free classes on using it from the dealer I’m buying it from.  I’ve already seen it demoed and know it works great and fits my needs.  The saleswoman agreed and said it’s also a great step towards the industrial Juki I’ll be getting once I actually start school. I go in to buy it tomorrow so that means on Friday (my day off) I’ll be playing with it and starting on my portfolio!  I’m so excited!

Because I do expect my time to be well used with sewing, I’ve dedicated myself to blogging once per week, on Wednesdays. This will give me some time to get posts together and not run low on quality content. I’m always open to discussion and conversation, so please always comment on my posts and share your creations as I share mine!

Until next time,



One thought on “A New Dream, a New Machine

  1. What fantastic plans you have! There is nothing better in life than to follow one’s true path, and it sounds like you are on track for the FIDM-Juki path! You rock, BB!


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